Internet of Things (IoT)

Increasing performance through Digital Technology

Internet of Things

The rapid development of sensors the last few years has resulted in a significant cost reduction of measuring and monitoring of everything from flows and temperature to blood pressure, position and movements. By connecting sensors to physical Things and interconnecting them by networks, we have what is commonly referred to as Internet of Things or IoT.

Big Data

When things are connected they may generate large amounts of information, sometimes referred to as Big Data. By advanced analysis and computation on this data together with visualization and control, companies can streamline their operations by predicting maintenance, tracing components, optimize assembly stations and so on.


The Industry talks widely about Digitalization. But what does it mean? Our view on digitalization is what possibilities the new technologies has to offer and how a business should take advantage of this technology in order to grow. The fact that more and more Things are connected to the Internet, together with massive cost reduction on sensors and data storage has led to almost unimaginable possibilities to monitor, reason and optimize performance of processes.

Our services

Predictive Maintenance


With our connection to Linneaus University and advanced computer research, we offer advanced data analysis of production data in order to predict maintenance and minimize unexpected costs.

Digital Transformation


We help your company to take advantage of the digital technology in order to grow your business. Through conceptualization of how sensors, communication and data analysis and visualization fits together we offer a straight-forward way to get you going .

Cloud Computing


Would your company like to connect your machines to the Cloud in order to make it securily accessible to all parts of you organization? Utilizing Cloud computing you pay for what you use in data storage much like you pay the electrical bill at home.

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