IT Due Diligence

We believe that due diligence leads to informed decisions and evaluation of systems and software

Be proactive, not reactive

No one wants to go searching for a "black box." Find out potential problems with a system before it crashes.

Simple pricing

Softwerk offers a clear and attractive fixed pricing model while providing a peace of mind for your investment decision.

Not sure what you need?

We are always happy to sit down with you and work together to find the right solution for you.

Our services

Mergers and Acquisitions


The immediate benefits of implementing a technical IT due diligence analysis is an enhanced amount and quality of information available to decision makers allowing better decision support and risk elimination.

Synergy Valuation


We focus on activities that develop into their own software. Using proprietary analytical tools, research and experience, we can bring an immediate benefit to our clients (investors, banking and outsourced operations).

Executive Summary


Our reports can be understood by even “non-technical” stakeholders. An executive summary gives the investor a go or no-go suggestion and lists major risks and hidden costs if there are any.

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Meet the team

Björn Lundsten

Björn Lundsten


Dr. Rüdiger Lincke

Dr. Rüdiger Lincke


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Eddie Freij


Prof. Welf Löwe

Prof. Welf Löwe